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Have you just relocated and moved into a new house? If it’s an old house, especially, it may need electrics work done to it. Although this may be the same for a brand new home. You might have a big DIY job on your hands. Whilst some DIY work is safe, electrics is something you don’t want to have a go at yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. For your electrics, rely on Value Village excellent and efficient handymen. These guys are all trained individuals. So you can be sure that when you book with us, you will have skilled workers at your property and everything will run smoothly and safely. Call us today on 074 782 2808 to find out more.

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A common mistake many people make when they have an electrical fault or need electrical jobs doing for them is asking a mate or a family member. Yes, we know it may cost you a lot less but you must think of the negative sides to doing it this way. We boast an amazing team of trained electricians who can help you with any electrical work you need help with. Our staff are all qualified and knowledgeable electricians so you can count on them anytime you smell trouble with your electrical things.

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You can choose from a huge range of electrical services here with us so get in touch now if you need help. All of our electrical services are carried out by experts and you wouldn’t believe how affordable our services are either.


The thing is, although you can ask a friend to help, this may end up being the least cost effective way of doing it. Whereas hiring experts is much more cost effective because it will be done properly in the first place, which saves a lot of messing around and money. Whatever electrical issues you are dealing with at the moment, don’t hesitate to book with us now.

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Remember one thing the next time you have an electrical fault, you are not alone! You have us to rely on whenever you need professional emergency electrician services. We can assure you that all our electrician services are excellent and you are bound to be impressed with the results for sure. Just get in touch now if you need professional help and advice and you will be over the moon with our deals.